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 "The universe knew I needed a soul like her in my life. She's guided me from a friendship standpoint for longer than I can remember. One point of gratitude I can express is her acceptance of me throughout the years. She has more than once opened her home and heart to me when I had nowhere else to turn to. She has geared me from wrong to right and always kept my best intentions at heart. She's taught me there's nothing wrong with being a gentle humble soul full of light and life.


Before meeting Isaura I feared change. I feared starting over and facing new challenges. I feared not being worth extravagant efforts of affection, such as Broadway shows or pricey dinners with no special occasions attached. I feared going out without having a certain amount of cash on me. But with her, you just never know what adventure lies ahead nor where your feet could take you.


Here are 3 significant improvements that have sprouted for me:

1- I've learned to love myself; if possible more than my parents love me.

2-Be confident in my choices, because even if I fail and make mistakes along the way those mistakes are bound to teach me a lesson I wasn’t initially aware of.

3- Focus on where I want to be and not get discouraged if it doesn't happen at the pace I want, nor the way I would have planned. I am exactly where I need to be when I need to be there.


It's been both an honor and a blessing to cross paths with this beautiful soul. As it will be yours should you allow your paths to cross." - Lesley Aponte

Isaura is so magical and her wisdom makes you feel like you're the most loved soul in the Universe

Evelor Savior, International Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur 

"I am extremely grateful for the light and love that Isaura has shown me. this work has been new, exciting and free of judgment, which allowed me to have so much personal growth. Before I started working with Isaura it was hard to trust and believe in the good intentions of people. Now I am able to see that the true nature of people is love.


Today I can say that,

1. I am more open

2. I communicate more with the people I interact with

3. I practice gratitude daily"

Sue Burnside

Burnside and Associates

"I have known and been working with Isaura for the past year or so, and I can unequivocally say that she changed my life, changed my inner life, and changed the way I look at client/coach or client/therapist relationships. She has such a profound way to establish a safe and intimate environment where I can be honest with myself and with her, that it makes it easy to go as deep as I want into my own issues and my own emotional complexities, resolve the problems that are most pressing for me


Before I started working with Isaura I have gone through many years of individual and couples counseling, and I always found that in traditional approaches I developed a certain dependency on the therapists to resolve problems and untangle issues. Isaura gave me the skills and tools to work on issues myself, so I don’t have to run to her every time I encounter emotional upsets in my life - taught me how to work my process on my own, how to discover underlying problems without help, and how to resolve them as they come up.


Thanks to Isaura I improved my relationships with my family and friends, I learnt through working with her not only how to express myself better, but also how to listen to others with love, empathy and clarity. More importantly not only do I see the improvement how I am with others from this perspective, but my friends and family also noted the changes in me.


I used to approach life as if I had little control over certain events and outcomes, as if my emotional state and past experiences would dictate how I reacted in situations - through her work with me I learnt how to handle these situation, take responsibility for my own actions and the resulting outcomes; basically leant how to take control back from situations that I felt certain outcomes were inevitable in the past.


The most significant result from working with Isaura was that she enabled me to release old hurts and resentments that I have carried for a long time. With the methods she uses and some work on my side I stopped harboring these negative emotions and by letting them go, I started to feel more energized and certainly changed how I relate to people around me.


Highly recommending her for anyone ready to improve their lives, relationships with others - and more importantly with their relationship with themselves!"  -Andras Somogyi, USM,

Working with Isaura has been a real pleasure, she is a real friend more like a sister, and she is such a light to be around. She is very supportive, with this amazing personality. I am extremely grateful to have crossed path with her. Before I started working with her or met her as a friend, I was still in a very confused and angry place in my life, her support made the whole transition smoother, and she is always there whenever I need extra support. Now I know and believe more in myself, and my ability to do things.


I’ve gained more confidence, believing in my self worth, and using more communication instead of reactions, thanks to Isaura's support and expertise. 


Mira A. Soueid

University of Santa Monica Graduate


For the past two years, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Isaura and I can say unequivocally that she has changed my life. She is such a passionate and committed person who has the ability to help others see the light in themselves. She not only has a loving spirit but she is authentic in her desire to see you be your best self. She has truly invested herself in the progress of my life, and she refuses to let me give up or doubt myself. Isaura finds a way to tie in her formal training with her life experiences to help you reach your goals. She is someone that I trust with my life. Over time she has proven to be knowledgeable, loyal, authentic, creative and connected to the universe. I am sincerely grateful for her tutelage, and I know that she will change the life of anyone that she comes into contact with.   


Before I started working with Isaura, I lived in a world where I believed that I had to take care of everyone else at the expense of my happiness. After working with her, I have learned that it is ok to take care of myself and to love myself and doing those things do not mean that I don’t love those around me. I learned that people have all of the tools they need to change their situation if they are not happy, and that included me. “Sometimes you have to do the thing that scares you the most”.


Here are the three most significant improvements thanks to working with Isaura:


1.     I no longer feel the burden to please everyone and a result I have a calming peace over my life

2.     I do not allow fear or excuses to keep me from doing things that I want to do

3.     I am more connected to my spirit and the universe, which allows me to enjoy this journey we call life and not worry about the destination.


Name: Damien Robinson

Company: DMRC & Associates





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