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Are You suffering from "Destination Addiction"?

Find your purpose

Are you happy at this moment? Or are you feeling mildly depressed?

I am asking you this question because of a conversation I had with an actress I met a few weeks ago at a birthday celebration.

I was shocked to hear her say that everyone in New York City is mildly depressed and concentrated in fulfilling a dream and not happiness.

Since that conversation, I can't stop thinking if most people are mildly depressed as she said, and waiting for some accomplishment to be happy.

"If you want happiness move to California," she said with a half smile.

I couldn't believe my ears, not only because I love California and know many people living there who will disagree with her, but because I am aware that happiness is not dependent on the State you live in but your state of mind.

If you are constantly thinking about what's missing in your life is inevitable that you will feel depressed. The feeling of lack creates sadness and despair validating any misbeliefs you hold of not being worthy of your dreams.

I kept asking her questions trying to get the joke, but it wasn't a joke, she felt what she was saying.

"Everyone in New York works all day for a purpose and dream. There is no such thing as balance when you are passionate about what you do."

Say what?

Does that mean you can't have a balanced life, enjoy the process and be happy while pursuing your dreams?

Call me an optimist, but I'll like to think that all is possible.

How about you?

Are you waiting to accomplish your goals to be happy?

If you are waiting for an accomplishment, new job or a relationship to manifest to be happy, most likely you are suffering from "destination addiction" as Robert Holden Ph.D. calls it.

Waiting for the future to be happy instead of focusing on the opportunity of the present moment can cause depression and an endless feeling of failure.

How can you work towards your dreams and be happy right now?

Stay Present!

If you stay present and enjoy the process, instead of focusing on the destination, is more likely that you can be happy with your current situation and take the time to celebrate the small achievements.

Imagining how amazing things will be when you accomplish something can take away the opportunity to enjoy the little things you are doing to get there.

For example,

If the actress I met focuses on enjoying the thrilling experiences of reading new material, going on auditions and meeting new people instead of dreaming of the result of money and fame, she won't feel mildly depressed.

When you focus on the future, you create anxiety.

But when you focus on what you are doing and feel grateful for the present moment's opportunity, the universe gives you an energy Download full of ideas, enthusiasm, and hope.

Do you want to be happy right now? Or do you rather live mildly depressed waiting for the future?

The decision is yours, and you can make it right now!!

Decide to focus on what you are doing and give it your full attention and the results will amaze you.

I want to challenge you to enjoy the now, stay grateful for the process and find a healthy life balance.

Please share this post with someone you know that may benefit from reading this.

Affirmation to Practice:

I'm grateful for the process and stay present to enjoy the gifts that each moment brings.

Want to connect with the unlimited joy within your heart?

Love and Light,



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