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Honor yourself and Accept your Greatness.

1) Do you accept yourself unconditionally?

2) Are you kind to yourself?

3) Do you make self-honoring choices?

Hello Lovely,

If you answered no to at least one of these questions, there is a chance you don't love yourself as much as you think.

When I first started my healing journey I heard countless people tell me that to heal I first needed to love myself. That was the first time I considered the idea that I wasn't doing that already. I thought that caring about my appearance and eating healthy was a clear demonstration that I genuinely loved myself.

It wasn't until I had to face the reality of healing my life from addictions and depression that I realized that it all came from a deep lack of self-love. I started observing my behaviors and thoughts and noticed that I was my biggest critic. I was constantly judging who I was and always on a search for new ways to improve myself. I felt that there was a place I needed to arrive and that one day I was going to be good enough to deserve getting there. It is not surprising I was depressed and trying to numb myself to avoid feeling the pain of not liking who I was.

Since I didn't feel good enough, I felt the need to ask others about what to do with my life and for a long time I made decisions based on other people's ideas and not my real desires. I didn't honor myself and at times felt the need to agree with people against my beliefs because of fear of being rejected. I was afraid of making a mistake and have them judge me and take away their love.

What I wasn't aware of then is that I was the only one doing the judging. I was judging myself based on my accomplishments or lack of then, and basing my self-worth on external circumstances. I avoided deep connections because of an intense fear of getting too close to people that may find out I wasn't perfect and reject me. It wasn't until the pain I felt from betraying myself forced me to faced these patterns and acknowledged my responsibility to stand up for myself and my beliefs that I started to wake up to the truth that I am endless love.

I began focusing on letting go of my misbeliefs about love and embarked on a journey of honoring myself and making choices based on my heart's deepest desires. I learned to do compassionate self-forgiveness to let go of the self-judgements preventing me from accepting who I truly am and most importantly, I made the decision to make my wellbeing a priority.

I finally understand that making my health a priority is not selfishness but a necessity. To be of service and show up being the best version of myself I most be healthy inside and out, prioritizing my joy, health, and purpose. I hope that if you find yourself where I was, you start honoring yourself, accepting your greatness and making yourself the main priority of your life right NOW.

My only wish is that you find the courage to live your best life, full of self-love, joy, and freedom. I will continue sharing my journey and the tools I used to change my life in hopes that they can help you transform yours. In my next post, I will tell you why self-acceptance is a game changer, but for now, you can use the self-love meditation to give yourself some well-deserved loving.

Always stay true to your heart and be kind and loving to yourself and others.

I invite you to try the following affirmation for a few days and experience the power of your words.

Affirmation: I make self-honoring choices that support my true heart's desires and each moment I consciously inhale the universe love and exhale peace and acceptance.

Sending you Love and Healing Light,

Isaura Ferrer.

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