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The three-month coaching program is designed to work on healing the unresolved issues holding you back from being your true loving self.


Each weekly 90 minutes session aims to reframe the misbeliefs molding your life while healing the past traumas that are preventing change.


You most be present to create your life consciously, and by dissolving the lenses of perceptions learned as a child, you will finally be free to be present in each moment and co-create the life you want.


We will spend plenty of time cultivating self-love and assertiveness to awaken your unlimited potential and empower you to take charge of your life.  


You already have all the tools you need to create a life you love. A coach simply helps you accelerate the process by encouraging you to go deeper into your story while arming you with tools to succeed.  


You can benefit from having a coach if:


1---You want to have healthy and meaningful relationships.

2---You are seeking fulfillment and happiness. 

3---You are eager to heal past traumas and hurts while taking full responsibility for your life experience. 

4---You are ready to find your purpose and live a conscious life.

5---You want to create abundance while doing what you love. 

6---You want to live a healthy lifestyle and learn natural ways to heal.

7---You are looking forward to love and accept yourself just as you are. 


Sounds Familiar?



An Angel Intuitive reading offers direct connection and communication with your angels and guides.


The Angels are always supporting you. It is their pleasure to help you find clarity and peace during any situation.


I combine my intuitive abilities with Angel cards to connect with your guides and help you obtain the clarity you seek.


If you are interested, I can also teach you ways in which you can directly connect with them. 

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