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Embrace Your Divinity:
Reclaim Your Confidence and Self-Love 
3-Months Coaching Program

One of the greatest challenges that I faced during my journey toward confidence and self-love was this deep-seated feeling of unworthiness. I felt as though I was unworthy to ask for what I wanted and deserved. I was always searching for validation from other people in hopes that they would provide the security and love that I so desired. I continuously played small and did not speak up for myself, allowing my fear of standing out to prevent me from sharing my thoughts and ideas. I spent many sleepless nights wondering why I wasn't feeling loved in a way that was fulfilling to my spirit, which in turn made me overcompensate. I often felt the need to people please in a failed attempt to feel loved, worthy and confident.


The innumerable disappointments that fueled my emptiness forced me to take a deep look inside myself. I began to meditate and with the help of many teachers and the principles of Spiritual Psychology, I finally found freedom.


1. Acceptance: Loving Relationship with Self


I have learned that the most important relationship is the one that you have with myself. There is no need to seek something that you embody which is love. By creating a loving relationship with yourself based on self-acceptance and compassion, you will finally  be free from people pleasing and overcompensating to get love. In that process, you will also free those around you from the burdensome responsibility of making you happy.

2. Forgiveness: Freeing yourself from guilt and Judgments


Most of the pain and insecurity you feel is self-inflicted from the judgments and guilt you carry.  You will find tremendous relief when you discover the powerful tool of forgiveness, not only towards others but also towards yourself. This process liberates the soul and makes space for creativity.

3. Divine guidance: Connect with your Higher Self


Fear of judgments and self-doubt can paralyze you, preventing you from listening and following to guidance. Having a strong connection with your Higher Self will dissolve the insecurities and fear that you feel when speaking up and making decisions. You will be no longer dependent on others for validation and love. You will know that you are worthy, and will be acutely aware of the direct connection with divine guidance.


4. Nurturing your Inner Child: Be Kind to the little one


During your healing journey, you will discover which wounds from your childhood are affecting your reality. By building a loving relationship with your inner child, you will be able to access and understand the situations and experiences that created the patterns of insecurities and unworthiness.  From a space of love and acceptance, you can invite your inner child to speak up about those experiences in order to help you heal any memories and issues from the past.


5. Healing Memories:  Letting go of the story


The easiest and most effective way to live a joyful peaceful life is to let go of things as soon as they occur; unfortunately, we often hold on to painful experiences. The practice of healing memories will free you from resentment and pain by ridding of unconscious patterns and misbeliefs that you adopted at the moment of the experience.


6. The power of NO:  You can kindly say no


NO is the most powerful word you can use to reclaim your worth. When you change the pattern of saying yes to things you know do not serve you, an entire world of opportunity will open up. You will stop saying yes because of fear of being disliked or judged and instead will learn to follow the guidance of your heart. This small shift will make a tremendous difference in your daily life.

7. Co-Creating with the Divine:  Asking for what you want


After letting go of insecurities and self-doubt you will be able to create the life of your dreams with plenty of help from the universe. When you feel deserving and worthy amazing things starts to happen in your life. You will be able to let go of the fear of being seeing and start to co-creating with the universe the life you know you deserve. You will feel worthy of receiving and  will keep being happily surprised with unexpected support from others and amazing opportunities for growth.


Know your worth - Live with Confidence


Knowing my worth and making decisions from a place of confidence and assertiveness was a life changer. When I was able to let go of fear and insecurities my true self showed up making wise and heart-centered decisions from a place of clarity and trust. Today I reside in a place of serenity and alignment with the universe flow in which my story doesn’t control my life. Instead, love and my higher self guide me during the process of creating the life I deserve. This process changed my life and I know  it can also change yours if you answer the call of your soul. 





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