Hello Lovely, 


If you are on this page most likely you are considering getting a coach. Perhaps you are on a healing journey and realized you need extra support reaching your goals; or thinking about learning new ways to approach your life to create joy, health, and abundance.

I am here to serve you, not because I am perfect but because I have been where you are now. I was able to heal from addictions, lack of self-love, misbeliefs about money and fear of relationships by going deep and exploring the real causes of my problems. Treating the actual cause of my disturbances gave me freedom from depression, and I stopped feeling stuck and hopeless and started taking control of my life experience. 

I want to help you during your awakening journey to embrace your divinity and share with the world the amazing shining light that you truly are. We will dive deep into your soul's dreams and uncover the traumas that are preventing you from manifesting them. I will teach you the most useful principles to dissolved the misbeliefs and fears you learned as a child and will introduce you to new ways to start creating the life you want.  


You are a divine being with unlimited potentials, and you already possess all the tools you need to live a joyful life. As your coach, I will support you while you make the transition from a limited life based on misbeliefs and fear, into a life of joy, peace, and abundance, based on who you truly are which is LOVE. 




A 90 minutes power session is designed to dive deep into a particular issue you are eager to heal, find clarity and guidance about the dreams you are ready to manifest and access your inner power to take the next best step.  



7 Sessions (2 hours each)

This program is designed to clarify your goals and dreams, dissolve the misbeliefs holding you back and help you create an action plan to bring them to life. 



15 Sessions (2 hours each)

During this program, we will embark on an awakening journey and shed light on every part of your life. 

I will support you during the healing of relationships, trauma, hurts and the fears preventing you from living your best life while arming you with the most useful tools to co-create a fulfilling, abundant and purposeful life. 


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