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"I joyfully accept myself and easily Co-create with the universe a life of love, joy, health and abundance by gracefully sharing my creative gifts with the world." 

The day I wrote this affirmation I had no idea how powerful stating what you want is during the process of healing and creation. I remember my Spiritual Psychology teachers saying that it didn't matter if we believed it or not, because the brain doesn't know the difference. The only requirement from our parts is to identify the traits we want to embody, write an affirmation that we can remember and commit to repeating it daily. I was hesitant about the idea, but my desire to heal and create was stronger than my doubts.  

After choosing my traits, I played with different ideas until the affirmation felt good and 50% believable as my teachers also suggested. I saved it on my phone screen raising the possibility of exposure to my inquisitive eyes to at least 50 times at day. I will admit that the first few days were somewhat challenging. I expected to see a change immediately without many efforts. After a few weeks, I was able to relax and let go of any expectations, and that's when the magic started to happen. 

Within a month I was able to recognize the patterns that were holding me back from sharing my gifts, opening an opportunity to make a change. My creative ideas started flowing, and abundance and joy followed. I began to enjoy my solitude and fully tap into the endless love within me. My perception on life shifted from one based on misbeliefs and judgments to a journey full of love and compassion. 


I went from lack of self-love to a whole love affair with myself. I was my worst judge and critic blocking any opportunity to shine my light, and now I can happily say that I am my biggest fan and supporter. I am finally free of fear and lack. I live my life knowing that I have a direct connection with the universe, which is my ultimate provider. 


I am not implying that an affirmation alone changed my life. What I am saying is that this simple practice changed my life experience. I expected to have unforeseen life events changing everything; instead, the affirmation changed my awareness. It raised my frequency to the one of love and a willingness to see the opportunities hidden in my obstacles. It slowly awoke my subconscious and allowed me to witness the patterns holding me back from sharing my gifts. As my teachers promised, I made the commitment, and the universe matched my enthusiasm and love. I encountered many people and opportunities that supported my journey. 


Today I know that this process works, but it is not a magic pill. The work needs to get done daily. I know for a fact that many unresolved issues will surface asking for your attention for healing. When you state how you want to feel and want to create, the guidance from the universe of what needs to be released will flow through you before embodying the person you see in your dreams. That's when the real work begins, and the main reason I am coaching others during their process.

If you read this far, you are probably ready to heal, create and live the best version of your life. I lovingly invite you to listen to your Higher Self if your inner voice is telling you to start your healing journey with me.

Love and Light, 

Isaura G. Ferrer 

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