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I am the service I offer

I am in service of your process of healing and embracing your shining light.


 I am not offering

 I am not here trying to sell you a quick fix for your life, or the next big discovery on how to be fully happy. Don't get me wrong; you will get all that and more during the process, but that is not the primary focus.


You are the Focus

The real you. The one who is all loving, creative and ready to heal unresolved issues to live the best life possible. The You who has dreams and is full of potential and ideas, with grandiose vision but is playing small because of fear of being seen and judge. I am here to support your process of letting go of those misbeliefs holding you back while cleansing your perceptions with love.


What is my promise?

I am committed to serving YOU. The one who got broken and forgot what self-love looks like or even feels. I want to introduce you to the unlimited supply of love within yourself until Self-Love becomes your new drug. I will provide a safe space in which you can share and work your process free of judgements and fear. I will guide you and support you to find your answers to build self-trust and a strong connection with your Higher Self. All of the answers are within you, and I want to help you getting in tune with that voice. 


What is the work? 

The work lies in the discovery of who you truly are, which is love. To remember the loving nature you were born with and make all your life choices from that space. 

I am the service I offer because I made a commitment to help others discover the freedom and joy I experience by doing this work. My enthusiasm comes from the knowing that it is possible to get out of depression, judgements, anger and fear by staying committed to seeing life through the lenses of love. 











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