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Angel Intuitive and Angel Cards Reading 

Do you believe in Angels? 

Even if you don't believe in Angels, I am sure you have heard stories about their existence. Personally, I stopped believing in God and Angels during a very dark period of my life in my mid-twenties. Everything changed the day I lost my father. I was aware and able to feel the energy around me, and hear their guidance.


At first, I wasn't sure what was happening to me, but I knew it was real. I felt downloads of energy which resulted in ideas and information. I was able to go deeper into understanding the Angels messages while taking Spiritual Psychology. I learn techniques to understand their messages and guidance.


Upon finishing Spiritual Psychology, I practice connecting to the angels to decide my next step. I was guided to start coaching others and teaching people how to do the same. As I was getting ready to start my business I was lost as of what to charge for my services. During a Marianne
Williasom lecture I asked her how I could decide my rate, and her answer was to ask. I was surprise about her answer but I knew what she meant. That night I went home and asked my guides for the answer and the next morning I found a number in my bed. 131 in a smal sticker that to this day i dont know where it came from. A few days later I was telling a good friend about my experience and he couldn't believe his eyes, the car right infront of him had the numbers 131 on the bumper. 

An Angel Intuitive reading offers direct connection and communication with your angels and guides.


The Angels are always supporting you. It is their pleasure to help you find clarity and peace during any situation.


I combine my intuitive abilities with Angel cards to connect with your guides and help you obtain the clarity you seek.

I will use your Angels' guidance to coach you and craft the best plan of action to create effective positive change.


If you are interested in going deeper and learn how to connect directly with your angels, I also offer a learning program. 




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