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My purpose is to help spiritual seekers connect with their Higher Self in order to joyfully accept themselves and easily co-create with the universe a life of love, joy, health and abundance; ultimately fully aligning their lives with their soul’s purpose.

Spiritual Life Coach
Certified in Spiritual Psychology

Reiki Healer.

Isaura Ferrer is a spiritual life coach certified in Spiritual Psychology, and Reiki Healer committed to using her healing journey to help others discover their healing powers. Through this process, it is her hope that others learn to co-create a life of love, health, joy and abundance by aligning with their higher self.


Born in the Dominican Republic, she moved to Brooklyn New York with her family when she was thirteen years old. This change in culture awakened a passion for writing poetry. Her desire to understand the complexities of society, love and pain transitioned into her pursuit of spirituality.


Upon graduating from high school, she enrolled in Brooklyn College to study Film Production. As she tried to find her purpose after graduating from college the fast life of NYC got her caught up in many addictions including love, alcohol, and smoking, derailing her dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

Isaura’s life changed drastically after having a spiritual experience the day of her father’s death. She was overwhelmed with an inner knowing that her father was alive, full of love, and still able to communicate with her. This experience influenced her to start a spiritual quest to find the purpose of her life and natural ways to heal. She returned to Brooklyn College to study psychology and during that part of her journey she also studied meditation and energy healing. Realizing conventional Psychology did not provide the answers she was seeking, she decided to get a certification in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica.


The amazing training and healing she gained from the program inspired her to use her experience and expertise to help others and launch her own coaching program. Now, Isaura lives and breathes spirituality and loves teaching and helping others find true joy and healing. She shares her healing techniques through social media and her website  


Isaura loves dancing, traveling, and remodeling projects. You will find her dancing to any music at odd places like sidewalks, and embracing life with the same freedom and enthusiasm. Her daily intention is to be the light and serve the universe as a conduit to share love and compassion.

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